German & Ski/Snowboard Instructors course in Kitzbuhel

German Ski/Snowboard Instructors course

German & Ski/Snowboard Instructors Course

German & Ski/Snowboard Instructors Course

German & Skiing in Kitzbuhel

The German school in Kitzbuhel is uniquely positioned to offer an intensive German language course combined with a skiing/snowboarding programme, with special training for the ski/snowboard instructors’ exams.
We have been offering a Gap Year Programme combining German lessons with training for the Ski/Snowboard Instructor exams since 2002 and work in co-operation with the Ski Academy Austria ( They offer highly professional training for the exam and even offer a job guarantee (for EU passport-holders) at the end of their courses.
This means that the course is in two parts. The first four weeks are at the German school in Kitzbühel, the next part is in Kaprun run by Ski Academy Austria. We only charge for our part of the course but we’re happy to liaise with Ski Academy and book you onto their part of the course.

German & SkiCourse Summary

- Course of optional length learning German (mostly in the autumn)

- Preparing afterwards in November/December on the nearby glacier of Kaprun at the Ski Instructor Academy Austria for the instructors' exams

- Become an Austrian qualified ski or snowboard instructor

- Work a full season in Kitzbühel or elsewhere as a ski or snowboard instructor after the exam

- You obtain 2 valuable skills and have a hilarious time in the Alps

- Complete beginner at German? No problem! Take a course of at least 2 months

- Course dates for people speaking a bit of German already: in autumn in Kitzbühel (dates on free choice)

Course 20 lessons of German a week
Duration 4 weeks of German (8 weeks if beginner level) + 7 weeks in Kaprun (see timetable for details).
Minimum age 18 years old
Levels All levels including complete beginners

Who is the course for?

Who is the course for?

German & Skiing in KitzbuhelThis course is for good skiers and snowboarders (but we had already beginners, too!) who want to acquire the most prestigious instructors' qualification. People come from all over the world to get the Austrian certificate, known for its rigour and high standards. At the German school we prepare you thoroughly for the exam. You'll get expert tuition in High German five days a week for the number of weeks you wish or you need to do the exam and to get along in German. You'll then move to Kaprun and train for the exams full time on the glacier. If you're looking for intensive, this is for you!

The exams are in German. You get targeted German tuition with a thorough preparation for the written part. Complete beginners at German have passed the exam in previous years.

After you've passed the course, you can stay in Kitzbühel (or somewhere else) - our ski school welcomes instructors speaking German - and work as a ski/snowboard instructor. If you have a European passport, you're also guaranteed a job by Ski Instructor Academy Austria. Enjoy the next months in the resort getting paid to do what you love, on the snow, in the sun, meeting people from all over the world, sharing your enthusiasm for skiing or snowboarding.


Ski/Snowboard instructors course timetable

Week 1 German course in Kitzbuhel
Week 2 German course in Kitzbuhel
Week 3 German course in Kitzbuhel
Week 4 German course in Kitzbuhel
Week 5 Ski Academy Programme in Kaprun
Week 6 Ski Academy Programme in Kaprun
Week 7 Ski Academy Programme in Kaprun
Week 8 Ski Academy Programme in Kaprun
Week 9 Ski Academy Programme in Kaprun
Week 10 Instructors’ course preparation week
Week 11 Instructors’ course and exam

Proviso: While the school are delighted to be working with Ski Academy Austria, they do not make any representations about their part of the course. If you book with them, you have a separate contract with them and are subject to their terms and conditions.




German course
 4 weeks  € 1720.00
 8 weeks (beginners)  € 3440.00
Ski Academy 
 Ski/Snowboarder Instructor's course   from € 4980.00

Please see for exact prices.

Accommodation prices in Kitzbuhel
PENSION OBERHAUSER Single room with shower and breakfast EUR 40.00 per night
PENSION ENSTRASSER Single room (ensuite) with breakfast buffet From: EUR 64.00 per night in Ski seasonFrom: EUR 56.00 in Summer
PENSION ASTLINGER Single room with breakfast From EUR 50.00 per night

German course: Weeks 1-4

German course: Weeks 1-4

Morning Afternoon
Monday German lessons 09:00 to 12:15 Free-time programme
Tuesday German lessons 09:00 to 12:15
Wednesday German lessons 09:00 to 12:15 Free-time programme
Thursday German lessons 09:00 to 12:15
Friday German lessons 09:00 to 12:15 Free-time programme
Saturday Free time

Arrival Sunday

Settle into your room, get to know the other students staying at your accommodation.

First Monday

Lessons begin at 09:00. There will be a short introductory discussion involving the whole group. Then, if you’ve learned German before, you’ll be asked to take a test, so that we can put you in the right class for your standard. If you’re an absolute beginner, you’ll begin your lessons straight away. Everyday German (standard German only) will be taught during the morning lessons. Special skiing/snowboarding vocabulary will be included.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

There is a free time programme three times a week. These are very varied, and can reflect the interests of the group. There is plenty of hiking, mountain biking, swimming, town and museum visits etc. The group programme can also be a relaxing get-together in a bar or restaurant in town, so that the group can get together in an authentic situation and practise their German.


Weekends are free. It would be possible to ski at weekends on the glacier but this would be at your own expense. Money paid for accommodation in Kitzbühel can’t be used for accommodation in Kaprun.


What's included?

  • 4 weeks intensive German tuition from Monday 7th October to Friday 1st November 2019: 09:00 to 12:15 Monday to Friday,  including all lesson materials, at the German school in Kitzbuhel.
  • Free time afternoon programme on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: Although voluntary, these parts of the programme are important for your total immersion experience, as you have to use the German you’ve learned, in authentic situations.
  • Accommodation from Sunday 6th October to Saturday 2nd November 2019: in single rooms with corridor showers, plus breakfast.
  • Lift passes: for the instructor training in Kaprun and the compulsory part of the instructors’ course are organised by the Ski Academy.
  • Transport from Kitzbühel to Kaprun: we’re happy to advise on the easiest way to get there (train). This is not included in the price.

What's not included?

  • Lunch: There are 2 supermarkets within walking distance of the school, and a lot of students organise lunch cheaply there.
  • Dinner: There are plenty of places to eat in Kitzbühel. The Alpen Pizzeria is a five minute walk from the school and is a favourite venue for students.
  • Ski/snowboard hire: For a long programme like this, followed by a season as a ski/snowboard instructor potentially from Christmas to the middle or end of March, you would be well advised to bring your own ski clothes and equipment.
  • Plane ticket to Munich airport: The official start to the programme is 6th October, but if you can’t get a flight on that day, please email us with suggested other dates (probably the Saturday or Friday before) and ask about extra accommodation for the extra night(s).
  • Transfer from Munich airport to Kitzbühel: This is not included in the price, but there is an excellent transfer company at It is currently € 48 one way.


Pension Oberhauser

Pension Oberhauser

A lot of our students who return to do another course at the German school in Kitzbuhel specially request that they stay at the Pension Oberhauser. This is really a private house with 3 rooms each with a shower and TV. 2 WC in the corridor. There is a TV and a fridge in the breakfast room for the use of guests. Frau Oberhauser is always very friendly and welcoming. She doesn’t speak much English so you have to practise your German even at breakfast with her! This B&B is the nearest to the school, just crossing the street. There is limited internet connection in this house. The Alpenpizzeria (welan) where studentsoften go for lunch or dinner, is a 3 minute walk away.

Pension EnstrasserPension Enstrasser

Another favourite place for our students is the Pension Entstrasser, slightly further down the road, 4-5 minutes from the school. This is a much bigger house with 40 beds, a swimming pool and sauna. Every room has an en suite bathroom, a balcony, TV, radio, phone and wireless access to the internet. Breakfast buffet. The Alpenpizzeria (internet) where students often go for lunch or dinner, is a stone’s throw from the Entstrasser.

For more details please see Pension Enstrasser.

Pension Astlinger

Pension Astlinger

This beautiful, newly renovated B&B is about 5-7 minutes’ walk from the school. Every room has a wonderful large bathroom. There’s no internet connection for guests in the house. The Alpenpizzeria (internet) where students often go for lunch or dinner, is a stone’s throw from the Astlinger.

For more details please see Pension Astlinger.

Other accommodation options

There are plenty of hotels and B&Bs in Kitzbühel. If you’d rather stay somewhere else, please see the tourist board’s website at and make contact directly with the accommodation providers.


Will I definitely pass the ski/snowboard instructors’ exams?

No. Obviously this cannot be guaranteed, but if you can ski parallel or have the equivalent standard in snowboarding, the programme we have put together means that your German will be good enough to enable you to understand the compulsory part of the exam, and you will have enough “kilometres under your feet” as Hans, our director, describes it, to ski/snowboard well and confidently, to put you in with a good chance. We’ve had some beginners at German pass the course, and we had someone whose German was good, but who hadn’t skied for 4 years, pass the course.

What’s the exam like?

It’s in two parts, written and practical. It’s all in German, and it lasts for one day.

If I pass, will I definitely get work for the whole season?

If you’re a skier and a member of the European Union, there should be no problem working in Austria. If you are not European, you cannot be certain of getting work here, although there is a chance, especially if you can speak Russian. Having learned German will be an excellent advantage. Some ski schools don’t take instructors who can’t speak German, and others favour their German-speaking instructors.

If you're a snowboard instructor, you should be aware that getting work for a full season is sometimes tricky as a lot of snowboarders are young and can only come skiing during the school/college holidays.

How much will I earn as a ski/snowboard instructor?

About € 940 per month.

Where will I live if I work as a ski/snowboard instructor?

The ski schools have houses for instructors. This is student-type accommodation with shared bathrooms and kitchens. It costs about from € 70 per month. Again, this cannot be guaranteed but generally the ski schools help instructors looking for accommodation.

How long is the season?

From just before Christmas to about mid to end of March. Please note: you should be available to work over Christmas.

Can I come back to the school for further German courses after the end of the season?

Certainly! You’d be very welcome. We are open all year and you can begin your course on any Monday. “Graduates” of the Gap Year Programme will be offered the reduced course price for long term students.

I’m a good skier but a complete beginner at German, can I take the course?

Yes. The course is open to students of all standards. Your German ought to be good enough after 8 weeks of intensive learning. 3 hours a day, 4 days a week, concentrating on only one subject is very intense, and you should expect to make good progress.

My German’s excellent, but I’ve never skied – can I take the course?

This course is designed to teach you to teach. You should be a good skier already.

If you’ve never skied in your life ever, then it would be advisable to pay for private lessons for three or four weeks before the course begins to get you up to standard and to make sure you enjoy it! You could then decide at the end of say, the 9th week whether you wanted to try for the instructors’ exam or not. If you wanted to stay in Kitzbühel after the course, during the season doing other types of work, then October and November are the months to start looking. There is plenty of bar/hotel type work advertised in the local papers at this time, and DIT staff would be very happy to help you. You shouldn’t expect to earn more than about € 450 per month.

How much progress in German should I expect to make in 8 weeks?

The “progress” question is always the hardest to answer. A lot depends on how hard you work, your aptitude for languages, your attendance record etc. At DIT, we have very small classes, never more than 6 students per class, which means that you progress much faster than usual.

How much “pocket money “will I need per week?

You pay for your own lunch. In Kaprun, this will be on the mountain, and in Kitzbühel most people go to the supermarket and buy filled rolls, yoghurt, fruit etc for lunch. You also pay for Sunday dinner. Apart from this it’s a matter of how much beer you drink, newspapers, souvenirs etc. In Kaprun, you may have to pay for the bus between your accommodation and the glacier in October. As this is always payable in very small amounts of cash, it was not really practical to include this in the total price for the course. € 100 per week is probably enough.

What should I bring?

Bedding is provided in all accommodation, but bring a towel as you’ll need it in Kaprun. Bring all your own ski gear as none is provided. You should reckon with all weather conditions. Bring a good coat and shoes for the evenings, swimming kit, gym kit, 2 notebooks for lessons, a dictionary and coloured pens.

How dangerous is the programme?

Skiing/snowboarding anywhere could result in injury, but glacier skiing/snowboarding is not more dangerous than on ordinary pistes. It doesn’t look any different and the gradients are rated in the same way.

What facilities are there?

Both Kitzbühel and Kaprun are modern, humming towns well served by internet cafés, swimming pools, pubs, restaurants, gyms etc. The school has negotiated a special price for students in the Kitzbühel gym. This is recommended as a part of your overall training.

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