Mind the Gap Year

Mind the gap year

It is essential that you have sufficient Insurance to cover you for your language course abroad. 

If you have any questions with regards to Study Abroad Insurance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do you need Travel Insurance when studying abroad?

The number one reason for travel insurance is to pay for emergency medical expenses if you are sick or injured on your study trip abroad, there have been many incidents where people with no insurance have paid thousands of pounds in medical costs and to get them home.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office say they get more referrals for help from Gap Year travellers than any other type due to not being insured, and the help overseas Embassies can give is limited.  This help consists of making contact with home and ‘holding your hand’. No monetary help can be offered.

There are many other reasons to buy insurance such as loss of luggage and passport, cancellation of your trip, bereavement travel costs and so on.


  • Buy a good quality Gap Year Travel Insurance
  • Check it covers sports/activities you may do
  • Check studying, working and volunteering is covered (if applicable) – look out for exclusions
  • If you are planning to return home during your trip, look to make sure this is covered
  • See if there is an option to extend your policy whilst already overseas – many don’t
  • Advise Insurers of pre existing medical conditions
  • Check flight is covered if airline goes bust
  • Find out if insurance company covers cancellation if a Travel Warning is issued for a country you are about to visit
  • Choose a policy that covers legal expenses for wrongful arrest


  • Go uninsured (25% don’t insure  - shocking)
  • Rely on your family’s annual travel insurance, it may not cover you for longer durations or studying, volunteering etc.
  • Buy a normal tourist policy - choose one designed for the Gap Year traveller
  • Skimp on cover - get this wrong and you put you (or your parents) assets at risk, it’s cheaper to buy insurance than pay for the consequences later
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EHIC - European Health Insurance Card

EHIC - European Health Insurance Card


Your EHIC lets you get state healthcare at a reduced cost or sometimes for free whilst you are abroad. It will cover you for treatment that is needed to allow you to continue your stay until your planned return. It also covers you for treatment of pre-existing medical condition.

The EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance. It will not cover any private medical healthcare or costs such as mountain rescue in ski resorts, being flown back to the UK, or lost or stolen property. Therefore, it is important to have both an EHIC and a valid private travel insurance policy.

The EHIC is valid in all European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

Any person who is ordinarily resident in the UK, and is of British, other EU/EEA or Swiss nationality, is eligible for an EHIC. You can apply online and free of charge.

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