Language Courses Abroad

Live Languages Abroad offers a fantastic range of language courses abroad to suit all ages and abilities. Here are the main language courses abroad that we offer:

Standard language courses

1-11 weeks

Standard language courses abroad run throughout the year at all levels from complete beginners to Advanced. Lessons are held in small groups of approximately 8 to 12 students. Classes are usually held from Monday to Friday (accept on bank holidays) and in most of the schools classes are held in the mornings. In these lessons the teachers will focus on the four main skills of learning a language: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Lessons will be taught using a range of different teaching methods and teachers will also incorporate culture and everyday life into the lessons. This course is ideal for students that want to learn the language at a good pace and put their acquired language skills into practise with other students of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

Intensive language courses

1-12 weeks

The intensive language courses abroad are similar to the standard language courses abroad but with more lessons and a faster pace, creating a more intensive course. Lessons run as the Standard Course with additional afternoon lessons with more emphasis on conversation to help further progress the language learning process. This course is perfect for students that want to make rapid progress in learning the language and only a short period of time to learn it in.

Languages for Life courses

12-52 weeks

These courses are as the standard language courses abroad or intensive language courses abroad but for a longer duration. Languages for Life courses really help students to live the language! By learning the language in the Country it is spoken for a long period of time, students are immersing themselves in the language and culture and giving themselves the best opportunity to make a vast amount of progress with learning the target language. Languages for Life courses are particularly popular with Gap Year students, adults on Career breaks and what we call our ‘serious language learners’. These courses are a great way of ensuring long term retention of the language.

Combined courses

1-20 weeks

These courses are a combination of the standard language courses abroad or intensive language courses abroad combined with extra private lessons. These extra private lessons are usually 5, 10 or 15 lessons per week held in the afternoons (in some cases evenings). This is a great intensive course if students need to make rapid progress in a short space of time. Private lessons will be tailored towards the needs and requirements of the student and are a great way of focusing on specific areas of the language or skills. These courses are popular with students that have a specific subject to cover or an exam to study towards as the private lessons will be tailored to focus on these topics.

Private tuition courses

1+ weeks

Private tuition courses are designed to be flexible to the specific needs, requirements and interests of the student. Great for students that want to progress at a pace to suit them. Private tuition is recommended for students that have a specific area of the language, subject or language skill to focus on. It is also a popular choice with students that need private lessons tailored towards revising for an exam. Together with your teacher you will discuss your goals and requirements and therefore formulate lesson plans to best suit your needs.

Private lessons can be on a one to one, two to one or three to one basis providing that all students are of a similar ability level and have a similar focus.

A-level courses

1-2 weeks

Live Languages Abroad offers students studying for French or Spanish AS or A2-level exams the opportunity to build on their current language skills and revise for their upcoming exams in the Country the language is spoken. These courses are intensive immersion courses and students are expected to work hard. Students are placed with host families to further help improve their language skills, gain confidence speaking the language and experience the culture of the language.

French A-level course in Montpellier
Spanish A-level course in Madrid


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