Learn a language abroad

If you want to learn a language abroad, this is by far the best way to learn a language. By learning the language in the Country it is spoken is the fastest and most fun way to learn. If you want to learn Spanish and fancy some Spanish sun and sangria, you can learn Spanish in Spain with us. Perhaps you prefer to sample some French cuisine and learn the language of love on a French course in France. If you fancy a taste of 'la dolce vita' why not learn Italian in Italy? We also offer German in Germany and Austria, Russian courses in Russia and Portuguese in Portugal.

Which language do you want to learn?

Why learn a language abroad?

Learning a language abroad will help you pick up the language far quicker; you will develop a more natural accent… just by learning from those all around you. Then there’s the added bonus of gaining a far greater understanding of different cultures - something you could never experience sat in a classroom at home. By learning a language abroad, you never know what career opportunities could present themselves on your return.

Not sure which language programme would be most suitable for you?

We appreciate that there is a lot of fantastic location and courses to choose from. Deciding which course and accommodation is best for you can be a difficult decision and should not be a decision made lightly. Therefore we strongly suggest you take advantage of our knowledge and experience. Contact us and we can talk you through your requirements and the best programme for you. After all that's what we are here for!