Learn Italian in Florence

Learn Italian in Florence

Italian School

Italian school in Florence

Florence schoolThe Italian language school in Florence is located in a beautiful historical Palazzo with a magnificent view of the Cathedral. Located in the heart of down town Florence, you can reach the most famous sights in a few minutes’ walk.

The Italian school occupies an entire 3 floor building and has 15 spacious and luminous classrooms. The ground floor is dedicated to the recreational area where you can find a student lounge with coffee corner: where you can read Italian newspapers, have a coffee with your fellow students or do your homework. On the first floor you will find classrooms, the secretary’s office, the multimedia classroom with 6 computers and the free internet point.

The staff are friendly and always willing to help. All Italian teachers are native speakers of Italian and are qualified to teach Italian as a foreign language.

Italian Courses

Standard course

This short term course is suitable for students that want a general Italian course focusing on the four key language skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening. Suitable for students with previous knowledge of Italian or complete beginners that have a short time to spend learning the language abroad.

Lessons per week 20 Duration 1-12 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 16

Intensive course

This course is as the standard course but with 10 extra Italian lessons. Ideal for students that want an Intensive short term course.

Lessons per week 30 Duration 1-12 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 16

Intensive Small Group course

This course is as the Italian Intensive course but in classes of no more than 5 students. Ideal for students that want a very Intensive short term course and added personal attention.

Lessons per week 30 Duration 2-8 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 16

Italian for Life course

This long term course is as the Standard Italian course in Florence but for a longer duration. Particularly popular with Gap Year students, people on Career breaks or students that have a several months spare to learn Italian.

Lessons per week 20 Duration 12-52 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 18

Academic Year course (Gap Year)

The Italian academic year course is a 32 week language and culture course for students who wish to experience living and studying in Italy. The course combines not only language courses with Italian culture classes at the school but the syllabus also incorporates the fundamental elements of level C1 of the European Language Portfolio. All in all, the course offers students the opportunity to see at first hand the various aspects of Italy’s rich history and culture making it the perfect Italian gap year course.

For more details of this course please see: Italian Academic Gap Year course.

Lessons per week 20 Duration 32 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 18

Combined course

Students follow the Standard Italian course in Florence and have an extra 5 or 10 private lessons each week depending on how intensive a course they desire. Perfect for students that want the diversity of a group course but would like a few private lessons to focus on a specific area of the language, topic or exam.

Lessons per week 20 + 5 or 10, Duration 1-12 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 16

Private tuition

Lessons can be tailored to the needs and requirements of the students, to a particular subject or focusing on a specific exam. Students can have private lessons on a 2 to 1 basis providing they are of a similar ability.

Lessons per week 10, 15 or 20 Duration 1-12 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class 1:1 or 2:1
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 16

Italian Diploma Examination course

Students follow the Italian Standard course in Florence with extra 10 lessons per week specifically tailored towards exam preparation for the following exams:

DELI – A2 – Elementary level

DILI – B1- Intemediate level one

DILI – B2 – Intermediate level two

DALI- C1- Advanced level one

DALI- C2-Advanced level two

DILC- B1 -Business examination – Intermediate level

DALC- C1 – Business examination – Advanced level

For more information on these exam courses please contact the office.

Lessons per week 30 Duration 4 weeks
Levels TestDaf Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 16

Over 50's course

This course is specifically designed for mature students of any age. You will learn Italian in a pleasant and relaxing environment, accompanied by a wide variety of cultural activities.

The morning course of Standard Italian Language is designed to improve language and conversational skills, and heighten the awareness and appreciation of the Italian culture.

Afternoon Program:

Florence – One week

Orientation tour of the city;

Half-day excursion to the vineyards of the ‘Chianti’ area, visit to a winery including ‘merenda’ (typical Tuscan afternoon snack);

Guided History of Art visit;

Tour of Artisan Workshops (Ceramics, Etching, Florentine paper, Shoemaker, etc.);

Traditional Italian dinner in a typical ‘Trattoria’.

Florence – Two weeks

The program of the One-Week-Course is followed by:

Weekend excursion in Tuscany (Siena or Pisa or Lucca);

Visit of Fiesole and the Roman Theatre or Visit of Renaissance Villas and Gardens;

Tour of Fashion Workshops or Shopping at an Outlet;

Lesson of Tuscan cuisine;

Visit of a Museum (Museum of Science Galileo Galilei or Uffizi Gallery or Accademia Belle Arti);

‘Apericena’ (rich buffet with typical snacks).

Lessons per week 20 Duration 1 or 2 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 50


Host Family

In selecting host families, the school does not look for luxury and comfort in the material sense but for Italian families who appreciate receiving foreign students. Additionally, the word “family” should not be taken too literally, as a family can be “traditional” with children, a single parent or a childless couple who take in students because they enjoy the company.

You can choose between a single or shared room with breakfast or half board (breakfast and dinner). You have your meals together with the family but you should be aware that Italian eating habits can be rather different from your own. Breakfast usually only consists of coffee or tea and bread, butter, marmalade. Dinner is a complete meal served normally at around 8:00 pm.

Living with a family offers a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the Italian culture and way of living, but it also requires compromises between the host and you.

Shared apartment

Living in an apartment, together with other foreign or Italian students or with the landlord/landlady, requires maturity but allows you considerable independence. You share with the roommate(s) the bathroom and the kitchen and can cook on your own. You share a flat or floor of a house either with other students, with other Italian students or with the owner. Students share the kitchen and the bathroom. The apartments are furnished and the kitchens are supplied with all essential kitchen equipment (cutlery, plates, pans etc.). You can prepare your meals separately or together with your flatmates and fellow students.


A transfer service from Florence airport/station or Pisa airport to your accommodation is available at an extra cost. Alternatively we can provide you with advice on travel.


Florence has an unlimited variety of activities on offer and we believe that experiencing the culture helps you to truly learn Italian. The school therefore organises cultural activities for students in addition to Italian lessons.

Example of the activities in Florence:

  • Guided tour of Florence's History of Art
  • Italian film night
  • Visit to an Italian wine cellar
  • Meal in a typical Italian restaurant or Pizzeria
  • Half-day excursion to the Chianti vineyards
  • Excursions to Siena, Pisa, Lucca, San Gimignano or Elba

2018 Course Prices


1 lesson = 45 minutes  /  Minimum age = 16


20 lessons per week / Max. 12 per class

1 € 210.00
2 € 380.00
3 € 540.00
4 € 720.00
6 € 960.00
8 € 1280.00
12 € 1800.00
16 € 2400.00
20 € 3000.00
24 € 3120.00
36 € 4680.00
40 € 4800.00
48 € 5280.00

20 lessons per week / Max. 12 per class

32 weeks  € 5925.00

30 lessons per week / Max. 12 per class


30 lessons per week/ Max. 5 per class

1 € 340.00 -
2 € 600.00 € 1180.00
3 € 870.00 € 1740.00
4 € 1140.00 € 2300.00
extra weeks € 270.00 € 560.00
Weeks 20 group + 5 private lessons 20 group + 10 private lessons
1 € 410.00 € 610.00
2 € 780.00 € 1180.00
3 € 1140.00 € 1740.00
4 €1500.00 € 2300.00
extra weeks € 360.00 € 560.00

30 lessons per week / Max. 12 per class

4 weeks € 1385.00
10 lessons 15 lessons 20 lessons per lesson
€ 450.00 € 675.00 € 900.00 €45.00
20 lessons per week
1 week: € 450.00
2 weeks € 890.0

2018 Accommodation Prices


Sunday to Saturday


Week (s) Breakfast Half board
1 € 228.00 € 312.00
2 € 338.00 - € 377.00 € 520.00 - € 559.00
  extra weeks € 182.00 - € 203.00 € 280.00- 301.00
extra night € 26.00 - € 29.00 € 40.00 - 43.00
Week (s) Self catering
1 € 204.00
2 € 286.00 - 325.00
extra weeks € 154.00 - 175.00
extra night € 22.00 - 25.00
Additional charge: Delays - per hour: € 25.00

2018 Dates

STANDARD, INTENSIVE, INTENSIVE SMALL GROUP COURSE & COMBINED COURSES: Non-beginners can start on any Monday through out the year. Beginners must start on the dates shown in RED.
JANUARY 2 8 15 22 29
FEBRUARY 5 12 19 26
 MARCH 5 12 19 26  
APRIL 3 9 1 23 30
MAY 7 14 21 28
JUNE 4 11 18 25  
JULY 2 9 16 23 30
AUGUST 6 13 20 27
SEPTEMBER 3 10 17 24  
OCTOBER 1 8 15 22 29
NOVEMBER 5 12 19 26  
DECEMBER 3 10 17  
Christmas holidays: from 22 December 2018 - 6 January 2019.
ACADEMIC YEAR COURSE (GAP YEAR) 2nd January to 10th August 2018 (32 weeks)

7th May to 14th December 2018 ( 32 weeks)

17th September 2018 to 10 May 2019 (34 weeks, including Christmas holidays)


4th to 29th June

3rd to 28th September

12th November to 7th December

OVER 50'S COURSE 9th April, 21st May, 10th September and 8th October
PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 1st January, 2nd April, 25th April, 1st May, 15th August and 1st November. Lessons lost on these public holidays will not be made up or refunded.

Christmas holidays: from 22nd December 2018 to 6th January 2019


School size Medium
Minimum age 16
Levels Beginner to Advanced
Exams  Italian Diploma
  • Host family
  • Shared apartment
download Free WiFi