Learn Italian in Venice

Learn Italian in Venice

Italian School

Italian school in Venice

The Italian school is located in the historical centre of Venice, in a well-known Venetian square, Campo Santa Margherita. It is in the University are, close to Ca’ Foscari University and Architettura University. The historic centre is a meeting place for students and residents who like to go shopping in the beautiful nearby shops or take a break to chat and drink in the open-air cafés.

The school is only 10 minutes from bus Terminal (Piazzale Roma) and 15 minutes walking from the train station. There are a lot of nice typical Venetian bars, restaurants, a supermarket, a small fish market, a bank (Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia), a tiny and cheap venetian trattoria, and a wine store nearby. Students can also find an internet point (special price for students of the Italian school) five minutes walking from Campo Santa Margherita.

The campo hosts the Italian school in Venice in a historic building with a wide terrace. The schools facilities include: 7 classrooms, 2 offices, 5 bathrooms, a self-access study room with video facilities where students can watch Italian films and 2 computers for internet use (free in the afternoons). There is also Wi-Fi access for students bringing their own laptop.

Italian Courses

Standard course

The Standard Italian course of 4 lessons a day, focuses on the 4 core language areas: speaking, reading, writing and listening. Monitoring and assessment is ongoing so that students can progress through the levels according to their ability.

Lessons per week 20 Duration 1-12 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 18

Evening course

20 lessons per week. Maximum 12 students per class. Duration: 1-24 weeks. The Evening Italian Course is the same as the standard course but lessons are from 4.00pm to 8.00pm. This is also more suitable for students on a budget as the course is cheaper than the standard course. It is available in 4 levels (beginner, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced) from April to October.

Lessons per week 20 Duration 1-12 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 18

Italian for Life course

This long term course is as the Standard Italian course but for a longer duration. Particularly popular with Gap Year students, people on Career breaks or students that have a several months spare to learn Italian. Students can also take the Evening course as the Italian life course if they want a longer duration course.

Lessons per week 20 Duration 12-24 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 18

Combined course

Students follow the Standard Italian course and have an extra 5 or 10 private lessons each week depending on how intensive a course they desire. Perfect for students that want the diversity of a group course but would like a few private lessons to focus on a specific area of the language, topic or exam.

Lessons per week 20 + 5 or 10, Duration 1-12 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 18

Private tuition

10, 15 or 20 private Italian lessons per week. Lessons can be tailored to the needs and requirements of the students, to a particular subject or focusing on a specific exam. Students can have private lessons on a 2 to 1 basis providing they are of a similar ability.

Lessons per week 10, 15 or 20 Duration 1-12 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class 1:1 or 2:1
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 18

Art Group course

Thanks to the experience of our teachers, the students can know and appreciate the masterpieces of the greatest Venetian artists in painting, sculpture and architecture from the middle-ages to the contemporary age. This experience will be unforgettable, since all the artistic works can be seen in the places they were designed for, by Carpaccio, Bellini, Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, Tiepolo, Sansovino, Palladio, Canova, Scarpa and many others.

This course takes place from Monday to Friday and the lessons are held in the morning or in the afternoon for three hours, according to the opening-hours of museums, palaces, Great Schools that are included in the weekly programme (presented during the first day at school).
Since the lesson are held in Italian and since they deal specifically with Venetian art, history culture and traditions, an intermediate level of knowledge is required (A2 of the European framework).

Students interested in this course can enrol for one or two weeks; the minimum number of students is 4, anyway there are generally 10-12 people at most each group; all the tickets for the entrances at the museums, churches, etc. are included.

Lessons per week 15 Duration 1 or 2 weeks
Levels TestDaf Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 18

Art History Private lessons

It is possible for students to have private art history lessons. These can be held in Italian or English, depending on the ability of the student.

Lessons per week Flexible Duration Flexible
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class 1:1 or 2:1
Minutes per lesson 45 Minimum age 18

Thursday Cookery course

Every Thursday in the afternoon in the school’s kitchen and supervised by our talented cook Anna, students will prepare traditional local and regional food and taste them with a good glass of wine. On Thursdays from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm (this course is available all year round, except on public holidays falling on Thursdays).

Saturday Cooking Course

On Saturday morning, you will go shopping at the famous fish and vegetables market in Rialto and you will taste a local aperitif. During the afternoon you will cook the meal and in the evening you will have dinner all together, serving food with an excellent selection of regional wines.


Host Family

Host family accommodation is an important part of students’ stay in Venice. Living in an Italian household will help students gain familiarity with the Italian language and also help them experience the Italian culture. Students stay with locals residents in a single room with the kitchen at their disposal. Usually, the host families are couples without children or single people. To stay with an Italian family is the best way to enjoy our daily life and improve your language skills.

You will be free to maintain your habits with respect for the people who host you. In the house you will find all that you need: bed-clothes, washing machine and TV. In addition, you will be given a personal copy of the keys so you can be independent.

Rooms are available on a single or shared room basis, with self-catering. Some hosts offer students the option of a private bathroom at an extra cost.


Venice ResidenceGiudecca is the picturesque island in front of the Zattere; a continuous water bus service links the island to the historical centre and so it can be also reached easily from Piazzale Roma and the railway station. In Giudecca you can find some of the artistic masterpieces of Venice, such as the Redentore church and the Molino Stucky.

The Italian school in Venice can book you a single or a double room with a private bathrooms in one of the most charming cloisters overlooking the lagoon. In a ancient vineyard with hundreds of olive trees, 25 single rooms with view, free WiFi access, use of kitchen and laundry comfortable TV rooms and meeting rooms. Giudecca is the ideal place if you want to be in the historical centre and stay on a budget, in a fashionable area among students and artists.


A transfer service is available at an extra cost for students learning Italian who wish to be met at Venice ‘Marco Polo’ Airport or the bus/train station and taken to their accommodation. Students will be met by a representative of the Italian school and accompanied to their accommodation. Live Languages Abroad highly recommends students take advantage of this service. Alternatively students can take a taxi or bus from to their accommodation in Venice.


The Italian school in Venice organises afternoon excursions and walking tours that allow students to expand their knowledge about Venetian history, art, traditions and daily life.

These are some examples of our activities:

-artistic itinerary: museums and art exhibitions.
– itinerary about the local handcraft: visit to the glass and mask workshops and the squeri (where the gondolas are made).
– historic itinerary: walks around the historical areas of the city.
-gastronomic itinerary: walks around Rialto market (one of the oldest open-air markets in the world), visit to local bacari and trattorie, tasting local dishes and wine, cooking lessons.

2018 Course Prices


1 lesson = 55 minutes  /  Minimum age = 16




20 lessons per week / Max. 12 per class

EVENING COURSE (4.30 pm - 8.30 pm)

20 lessons per week/ Max. 12 per class

1 € 270.00 € 200.00
2 € 450.00 € 340.00
3 € 620.00 € 460.00
4 € 760.00 € 580.00
8  € 1400.00  € 1060.00
12  € 1620.00 € 1200.00
16 € 2160.00 € 1600.00
24 € 3240.00 € 2400.00
extra week € 135.00 € 100.00


20  group + 5 private lessons per week / Max. 12 per class


20  group + 10 private lessons per week / Max. 12 per class

1 € 450.00 € 630.00
2 € 810.00 € 1170.00
3 € 1150.00 € 1670.00
4 € 1460.00 € 2160.00
extra week € 325.00 € 500.00
PRIVATE TUITION 1 lesson = 60 minutes
10 lessons 15 lessons 20 lessons
€ 400.00 per week € 600.00 per week € 800.00 per week
15 lessons per week
1 week: € 270.00 2 weeks: € 450.00

SUPPLEMENTARY COURSES Must be combined with the standard Italian course.

Per private lesson Per private lesson
€ 46.00 € 54.00
1 lesson / 3 hours 1 day
€ 40.00 € 60.00

2018 Accommodation Prices


Sunday to Saturday



Single room

Double room

1 € 180.00 € 270.00
2 € 320.00 € 470.00
3 € 430.00 € 640.00
4 € 550.00 € 800.00
8  € 1070.00  € 1520.00
12  € 1590.00 € 2240.00
16 € 2110.00 € 2960.00
24 € 2630.00 € 4400.00
extra week € 130.00 € 180.00
extra night € 30.00 € 50.00


Week(s) Single room with private bathroom Double room with private bathroom
1 € 270.00 € 400.00
2 € 530.00 € 770.00
3 € 750.00 € 1150.00
4 € 960.00 € 1530.00
8  € 1920.00 -
12 € 2880.00 -
16 € 3840.00 -
24 € 5760.00 -
extra week € 240.00 -
extra night € 40.00 € 60.00

2018 Dates

ITALIAN STANDARD COURSE & COMBINED COURSE: Non-beginners can start on any Monday through out the year. Beginners must start on the dates shown in RED. *Indicates Tuesday start date.
JANUARY 8 15 22 29
FEBRUARY 5 12 19 26
MARCH 5 12 19 26  
APRIL 3* 9 17 23 30
MAY 7 14 21 28
JUNE 4 11 18 25  
JULY 2 9 16 23 30
AUGUST 6 13 20 27
SEPTEMBER 3 10 17 24  
OCTOBER 1 8 15 22 29
NOVEMBER 5 12 19 26  
DECEMBER 3 10 17  
EVENING COURSE  Beginners: 14th May,  11th June, 9th July, 6th August and 3rd September.

Non-beginners - Any Monday from 14th May to 28th September.

ART GROUP COURSE Beginners: 19th March, 7th May , 18th June, 3rd September and 15th October.

Non-beginners - Any Monday from 19th March to 23rd November.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 2nd & 25th April, 1st May, 15th August and 1st November.

Lessons lost on these public holidays will not be made up or refunded.



School size Medium
Minimum age 16
Levels Beginner to Advanced
  • Host family
  • Residence
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