Learn Russian in Moscow

Learn Russian in Moscow

Russian School

Russian school in Moscow

Our school in Moscow is located in the central part of the city, a short walk from the Belorusskaya Railway Station, terminus for trains from Berlin and Warsaw. Our premises are on the ground floor of a building that belongs to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Most of the office space is used by foreign diplomats and accredited correspondents of the international press. The closest metro station (Belorusskaya) can be reached by foot in less than five minutes.

Our school features 11 classrooms, a WiFi-Zone, a student lounge and is equipped with the latest technology (iPad's, free WiFi for  students, LCD TV and DVD sets in all classrooms). At school we offer hot and cold drinks. Moderately priced places for lunch can be found around the corner from the school.



Russian Courses

Minimum age: 16

Standard course

Communicative teaching in small groups (maximum 12 students per group) makes this course a pleasurable and productive experience. Our Standard Group Course gives participants the chance to learn communicative skills in “real life” situations. This course of 20 weekly lessons is offered year round.

For participants staying four weeks or longer, following modules build upon the grammar basics of the first module, treating the same topics from a different angle with more in-depth explanations, more complex vocabulary, different exercises and more dialogues.

Standard Group Courses are available for the first six levels year-round. Beginners may start on specific dates only and are advised to be familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet. Each course starts on a Monday and ends on a Friday, with lessons taking place usually between 10:00 and 14:00. The minimum course length is two weeks.

Lessons per week 20 Duration 2-48 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 50 Minimum age 16

Intensive course

Our intensive group course runs over twenty-five lessons per week in groups with a maximum of twelve participants. You will have twenty morning lessons with students who have booked the standard group course. The remaining five lessons are taught in mini-groups of up to 6 students on two afternoons, offered at a minimum of three different levels.

The exact schedule of this block will be announced upon arrival to the school.

A1 – Beginner: survival Russian tutorials, outdoor classes (shopping, eating out, getting streetwise, ordering theatre and cinema tickets) and telephone training (booking a restaurant table, making flight enquiries, etc.).

A1+/A2 – Elementary: lectures on the Russian mentality and traditions. Other topics cover a wide range of general interest subjects ranging from Russian cuisine to history.

B1 – Intermediate, B2 – Upper Intermediate: the focus is on business and the economy. Other topics include politics, Russian mass media, cultural and historical subjects.

Lessons per week 25 Duration 2-48 weeks
Levels Beginner to Intermediate Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 50 Minimum age 16

Casual Russian

This course of 15 weekly Russian lessons is offered in mini-groups in the afternoon (15.00-17.50). Please note that it is only offered between mid-September and mid-May.

Lessons per week 15 Duration 1-13 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class Maximum 5
Minutes per lesson 50 Minimum age 16

Combined course

This option combines our Standard group course with additional, more focused study in a variety of business or cultural fields. Group lessons help to improve general communication skills and overall level, while the content of the one-to-one block will be built according to your specific needs. You can add even more one-to-one lessons weekly tailored to your particular profession or area of interest.

Lessons per week 20 + 5 or 10, 25 + 5 or 10 Duration 2-48 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class Maximum 12
Minutes per lesson 50 Minimum age 16

Private tuition

20, 25 or 30 private lessons per week. Lessons can be tailored to the needs and requirements of the students, to a particular subject or focusing on a specific exam. Students can have private lessons on a 2 to 1 basis providing they are of a similar ability.

Lessons per week 20, 25 or 30 Duration 2-48 weeks
Levels Beginner to Advanced Students per class 1:1 or 2:1
Minutes per lesson 50 Minimum age 16

TRKI exam

Module of 5 supplementary lessons aimed towards exam preparation for the TRKI exam. This course is supplementary to the Russian Standard Course. The exact number of modules required is determined by the Russian tutor at the school according to a students level.


Host Family

The Russian host families are not always a traditional married couple with children. Above all the school looks for someone who is sociable, likes to meet new people and can give a warm welcome. Host families have time to talk to students, be patient, understanding, careful and prepared to provide help with any problem that may arise during a student’s stay in Russia.

Host family accommodation is offered as a single room, either with breakfast or half-board (breakfast and dinner – full board on weekends). On request, it is also possible to provide double rooms. A student’s room is furnished with at least: one bed or sofa-bed, wardrobe and desk with chair.

The rooms are clean and, by Russian standards, spacious. Bathroom and kitchen are shared with the family. All our apartments have a telephone. Maximum travel time to the school in Moscow is 1 hour.

Shared Apartments

Those students who prefer to stay on their own but at the same time wish to experience a student atmosphere may choose the shared apartment option. Apartments provide single bedrooms (usually 2-3), shared bathroom and kitchen. Bed linen, cutlery and kitchen equipment are provided. The apartments are all equipped with one TV set, telephone, washing machine and vacuum cleaner.

Studio Apartments & Hotels

Available on request.


A transfer service from Moscow railway station, bus station or airport to your accommodation is available at an extra cost.


The school aims to put on an interesting and varied programme every week, so that students can get to know Moscow and have the chance to relax away from the lessons, make friends or simply chill out. The activities depend on the time of year. In the summer, they try to do as much as possible outside, while cultural activities occupy more of the programme during the colder seasons. Some activities are free, such as the city tour for new students. Other activities are charged for.



Minimum age The minimum age for all courses is 16 years old.
Lesson duration One lesson lasts 50 minutes
Booking deadlines For students not requiring a visa to Russia, the booking deadline is 1 week prior to arrival.

For students requiring a visa to Russia: for all short–term courses (up to 4 weeks) the booking deadline is 3 weeks prior to arrival.

For all long-term courses in Russia (5 weeks and more) bookings should reach us at least 8 weeks prior to arrival.

Russian Entry Visa and Prolongation All foreign travellers to Russia require an entry visa. Visa fees depend not only on the applicant’s citizenship, but also on the local consulate’s pricing policy. We provide all clients with a letter of invitation, which is necessary to obtain an entry visa.
Our students are asked to state in the enrolment form a period for which they would like their visa to be valid. Please take into consideration that a normal Russian visa is only valid for one entry (except for long-term student visas which are multi-entry).See visa requirements for Russia for more details.
Arrival & Departure Arrival day is Sunday and departure day is Saturday. If you need to book accommodation either side of these days this is normally possible provided you let us know in advance.
First Day You should arrive at the school in Moscow at 9.00 on your first day
Complete beginners should arrive 30 minutes later.
Timetable Standard Group Course:
10.00 - 13.50 (4 lessons of 50 minutes, each followed by a short break of 10 min)Afternoon lessons (Intensive Course or Private tuition lessons) starts at 14.00-15.00 - to be confirmed on your first day at school.*Times are subject to change.
Beginners Beginners must be familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet.
Group Courses If the school has to cancel a group course for lack of participants at a particular level a student will receive one-to-one tuition with 75% of booked group lessons during the same period of time. Under no circumstances will the participant receive a refund of the fee.
Accommodation We do all we can to ensure that students’ requirements are met. However, if the language school cannot provide the preferred type of accommodation, that does not constitute a case for reimbursement.
Host families: the school confirms host family and shared apartment accommodation three weeks prior to the course start date (immediately - if enrolling later). If required, host-family change can be organised after arrival, but only on weekends. If a change is required immediately, extra fees will apply (equivalent to one week accommodation costs).
Shared Apartments: Please note that an arrival transfer is compulsory (required for key handover and instructions).
Damage deposit: A deposit of 200€ is secured on arrival at the school, by freezing that amount in your account. On your departure, followed by an inspection of your apartment, we will unblock the deposit money the next working day. Costs incurred by damage, breakage or loss will be deducted from your deposit.
Private apartments: Apartments are selected prior to arrival according to the information sent by e-mail.
If necessary, an apartment can be changed after arrival but not earlier than one full week after arrival date. The apartment change handling fee is 200€. In case of cancellation less than two weeks prior to the arrival date we will charge a cancellation fee of up to 500€.
Change of programme The school reserves the right to change the programme in an appropriate way in case of riots, strikes, war or other events of force majeure. The language centres cannot be held responsible for changes occurring as a result of these events.
Public Holidays 1st, 2nd & 7th January, 23rd February, 8th March, 1st & 9th May, 12th June and 9th November 2020. Lessons lost on these public holidays will not be made up or refunded. All group courses end on Friday 18th December 2020 and will resume on Monday 4th January 2021.

Course Prices


1 lesson = 50 minutes  /  Minimum age = 16                  



20 lessons per week / Max. 12 per class


25 lessons per week/ Max. 12 per class

2 € 560 € 720
3 € 840 € 1080
4 € 1120 € 1440
6 € 1680 € 2160
8 € 2000 € 2600
12 € 2820 € 3600
16 € 3760 € 4800
20 € 4700 € 6000
24 € 4320 € 5760
extra weeks € 180 € 240
High season supplement (25.05-20.09.20) - € 60.00 per week on all courses of less than 24 weeks

15 lessons per week / Max. 12 per class

1 € 145
2 € 290
3 € 435
4 € 580
5 € 725
6 € 870
8 € 1160
10 € 1450
12 € 1740
13 € 1885
Casual Russian course is not available in high season. Please see start dates for details.

(Prices per week)


(Prices per week)

20 group + 5 private  20 group + 10 private 20 group + 5 private 20 group + 10 private
 € 520 € 700 € 520 € 700
PRIVATE TUITION (Prices per week)
Week(s) 15 lessons 20 lessons 30 lessons
1-3 € 600 € 780 € 1160
4+ € 535 € 685 € 1020
Additional lessons: € 50 per lesson
High season supplement (25.05-20.09.20) - € 120.00 per week 
ENROLMENT FEE for courses of up to 4 weeks  € 90.00
ENROLMENT FEE for courses of longer than 4 weeks € 120.00
VISA REGISTRATION FEE will be charged in addition to the enrolment fee for course participants arriving in Russia with a visa, not sponsored by the school (those will be registered with the authorities at no extra cost). € 40.00
MAILING FEE for sending out originals of the letter of invitation EUROPE REST OF THE WORLD
€ 45.00 € 60.00

Accommodation Prices


Sunday to Saturday


Single room / Breakfast


Single room / Half board


Single room / Self-catering

2 € 420 € 560 € 440
3 € 630 € 840 € 660
4 € 840 € 1120 € 880
6 € 1260 € 1680 € 1320
8 € 1680 € 2240 € 1760
12 € 2520 € 3360 € 2640
16 € 3360 € 4480 € 3520
20 € 4200 € 5600 € 4400
24 € 5040 € 6720 € 5280
extra weeks € 210 € 280 € 220
extra night € 44 € 54 -



2019 Dates

2019 DATES

STANDARD, INTENSIVE, COMBINED & TRKI PREPARATION COURSE: Non-beginners can start on any Monday through out the year. Beginners must start on the dates shown in RED.* Indicates a Tuesday start date.
JANUARY 8* 14 21 28
FEBRUARY 4 11 18 25
MARCH 4 11 18 25  
APRIL 1 8 15 22 29
MAY 6 13 20 27
JUNE 3 10 17 24  
JULY 1 8 15 22 29
AUGUST 5 12 19 26
SEPTEMBER 2 9 16 23 30
OCTOBER 7 14 21 28
NOVEMBER 4 11 18 25  
DECEMBER 2 9 16 23 30
CASUAL RUSSIAN 21st January, 18th February, 15th April, 6th May, 30th September, 28th October, 25th November and 9th December.
PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 1st, 2nd, 7th January, 23rd February, 8th March, 1st, 9th, May, 12th June & 4th November.
Lessons lost on these public holidays will not be made up or refunded.All group courses end on Friday 20th December 2019 and will resume on Monday 6th January 2020.

2020 Dates

2020 DATES

STANDARD, INTENSIVE, COMBINED & TRKI PREPARATION COURSE: Non-beginners can start on any Monday through out the year. Beginners must start on the dates shown in RED.* Indicates a Tuesday start date.
JANUARY 6 13 20 27
FEBRUARY 3 10 17 24
MARCH 2 9 16 23 30
APRIL 6 13 20 27
MAY 4 11 18 25
JUNE 1 8 15 22 29
JULY 6 13 20 27
AUGUST 3 10 17 24 31
SEPTEMBER 7 14 21 28
OCTOBER 5 12 19 26
NOVEMBER 2 9 16 23 32
DECEMBER 7 14 21
CASUAL RUSSIAN 20th January, 17th February, 16th March, 13th April, 5th October, 2nd November and 14th December.
PUBLIC HOLIDAYS 1st, 2nd & 7th January, 23rd February, 8th March, 1st & 9th May, 12th June and 9th November 2020. Lessons lost on these public holidays will not be made up or refunded. All group courses end on Friday 18th December 2020 and will resume on Monday 4th January 2021.


Book 2 weeks - get 1 week for free
Book 4 weeks - get 2 weeks for free
Book 6 weeks - get 3 weeks for free

This offer is valid for standard and intensive group courses ending at the latest 5th April 2020 (this period must include the complimentary weeks) and must be booked and paid for by 15th December 2019. Quote FREEWK when booking.


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