New for 2016

Looking to 2016, we have some fantastic new school locations and courses for you.


New schools in

Annecy Cartagena Aix-en-Provence Hamburg Porto
> Adults: Learn French in Annecy > Adults: Learn Spanish in Cartagena > Adults: Learn French in Aix-en-Provence  > Adults: Learn German in Hamburg > Adults: Learn Portuguese in Porto

More courses for under 18’s


Nice Antibes Tarragona Benalmadena
> 13-17 yrs: Learn French in Cannes > 13-17 yrs: Learn French in Nice > 13-17 yrs: Learn French in Antibes > 13-17 yrs: Learn Spanish in Tarragona > 13-17 yrs: Learn Spanish in Benalmadena 
Vienna (1) Berlin water sports Berlin Villa Berlin riverside Berlin campus
> 13-17 yrs: Learn German in Vienna > 13-17yrs: Berlin Water sports > 16-17 yrs:  Berlin Villa > 14-17 yrs: Berlin Riverside > 16-19 yrs: Berlin Campus